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Welcome to the web contact and information portal for the software development and multimedia production activities of C.P.Bryan. Since the mid 1990s, Bryan has been exploring the creative possibilities of digital media, software development and Internet connectivity.
Featured Application Service:
The FREESOUNDTRACKMUSIC.COM online library of royalty free music connects video creators to music composers, simplifying the process of finding and licensing background music for film and multimedia productions.

New Additions to the Royalty Free Music Library for 2020:

March 10, 2020: A gritty new techno track from Steve Lowther uses complex electronic beats to create a dramatic atmosphere of dark foreboding. Could work well as background music in sci-fi, horror or dectective mystery videos. Track title: "A Little Overloaded".

Preview "A Little Overloaded":

March 5, 2020: Four new tracks added from producer DPmusic. This group of compositions are classified as "theme" music, mostly aimed at business and corporate video productions. The preview example below, titled "Business Theme" should work well for training, advertising or documentaries:

Preview "Business Theme":

Preview more compositions by DPmusic HERE.

February 8, 2020: New freewheeling road trip adventure soundtrack music from Noisy Oyster titled "Trails". Perfect background guitar rock groove for video footage of changing scenery of the countryside seen from a vehicle zooming down the highway.

Preview "Trails":

January 28, 2020: Australian composer Enrico Altavilla's newest composition "A Tender Moment" is a heartfelt emotional piano-based composition which will work well as a soundtrack for a range of video subject matter including romance, family togetherness, initmate moments and sentimental contemplation.

Preview "A Tender Moment":

Why not find out more about the Free Soundtrack Music system?
The following YouTube video explains how to become a registered user of the F.S.M. system and how the interface works. Plus, the video serves double duty as a sampler, because all of the background music used in the video is available in the F.S.M. library: