About The Internet Annex

Since 2008, InterAnnex Web Applications has been developing online and desktop applications for use by creative writers, artists and video producers. Based in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada, the company was initially founded by C.P.Bryan to offer consulting and freelance development services for businesses seeking solutions for their database and networking requirements…

Featured Application from InterAnnex Web Applications:

Free Soundtrack Music System
Royalty Free Music Database System

The F.S.M. audio file database and synchronization license purchase system is a custom application developed and administered by InterAnnex Web Applications. The system provides functions for video or film producers to search, preview (“audition”), download and automatically obtain authorization (“clearance”) for use of royalty free music in their productions. As of January 2018, the library contains over 1,400 compositions by 18 different recording artists from around the world.

Music Production Services:
Digital sound engineering and music production services by electronic music composer/producer C.P.Bryan are available to musicians in British Columbia Canada. Projects further afield either within or outside of the country may also be accommodated (depending on the parameters and budget of the project).

For examples of music composed and produced by C.P.Bryan, check out the Music Demos page.

Vudeo Production Services:
January 20, 2018. New Video Released: “The Pounding Rhythms of America”
Random poetry and visual collage are the foundation of a lot of the videos filmed and edited by InterAnnex founder C.P.Bryan. This new video features computer-generated poetry from Phase 2 of a trilogy titled “Franchising Your Dreams”. The background music is from a new contributor to the freesoundtrackmusic royalty free library: The track is called “In-Flight Pop” and was composed and recorded by Daniel Brown. To preview (or license) music by Daniel Brown, go to the Daniel Brown Music Listing Page @ F.S.M..

For technical details about C.P.Bryan’s recording studio, check out the Recording Studio Page.