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Welcome to the web contact and information portal for the software development and multimedia production activities of C.P.Bryan. Since the mid 1990s, Bryan has been exploring the creative possibilities of digital media, software development and Internet connectivity.
Featured Application Service:
The FREESOUNDTRACKMUSIC.COM online library of royalty free music connects video creators to music composers, simplifying the process of finding and licensing background music for film and multimedia productions.

September 16, 2020: New section added to the Cut'n'Mix site (dedicated to hosting software and collage experiments by C.P.Bryan). This new "Cut'n'Mix Records" area of the site features complete versions of previously released albums plus new compilations of tracks which have not previously been released anywhere else. The first three offerings includes the titles "Harshing The Buzz", "Jive Honky Dub" and "Chronicles of The Weird West". Here is an example track from the album "Harshing The Buzz", titled "Full Electric Breakfast":

August 30, 2020: New synthetic electronic composition from Lowther & Bryan:
The inspiration for this new composition comes from the author Philip K. Dick, whose stories were transformed into scripts for a number of popular science fiction films including Blade Runner, Minority Report and Total Recall. This is heavy drum machine techno collage music suitable for underscoring videos with subject matter like advanced technology, artificial intelligence, future shock and computer simulation:

To hear more music by the same recording artist, go to the Lowther & Bryan music listing page @ F.S.M.

August 16, 2020: New release from electronic jazz trio Stargazer Jazz:
The newest audio recording to be added to the royalty free library is a composition recorded "virtually", in keeping with the new COVID norms about social distancing. For this new Stargazer Jazz track, the keyboards, drums, guitar and horns were each recorded in home studios in different cities in Canada and Australia. Titled "The Informant", the music is generally in that familiar weird ballpark as previous releases from the same artist: Film Noir jazz detective cast into outer space. Check it out, man:

For more information about the Stargazer Jazz recording project, check out the Stargazer Jazz Information Page @ F.S.M.