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The Internet Annex is the online contact point and information source for the online services and software development projects managed by C.P.Bryan and his company "InterAnnex Web Applications". In the years since the intial website launch, the range of activities has expanded from software development to include music/multimedia production and music licensing for film and video projects. As of Spring 2017, this site will serve mainly as the launch pad for a variety of different products, services and active development projects which have their own dedicated web portals...

News for 2017:

March 2017:

Recording artist Stephen Graf from Vancouver, Canada, is the newest addition to the list of composers and producers who post their music to the royalty free music service. With his recording project "Essentia Sound", Graf uses various electronics and environmental field recordings to create moody, atmospheric soundscapes. To preview or license the music from this recording project, check out Stephen Graf's track listing page.

As of March 20th, 2017:
I am selling some of the electronic recording gear from my music production studio. For listings of the equiment for sale check out the Music Studio Page.

February 2017:

New Hip-hop artist: "Olah" adds a selection of mellow beats with a modern urban chillout vibe. Check it out on his new track listing page @ HERE.

Previous software packages developed by C.P.Bryan and released as shareware by InterAnnex Web Applications:
screen capture of cut'n'mix
ROBOCOLLAGE software application

Updates from 2016:
New music releases to sync with the early arrival of warm summer-like vibes. Check out the upbeat and sunny disposition of the new techno release entitled "Bright Night Sky". As usual, all new music productions from C.P.Bryan are available for use in videos. More information on all of the available royalty free music from C.P.Bryan HERE. Also new for May 2016: A new epic progressive electronic composition from Australia's Noisy Oyster: "Steep Steps". This mammoth track clocks in at over 9-minutes in length and should be well suited for sci-fi, fantasy and/or any video productions with a high-technology or futuristic theme. Check out Noisy Oyster Production Music HERE.

The Digimatica Blogs:
Blogs, essays, tips and tricks for making the most of the DIGITAL MEDIA REVOLUTION are now located in a subfolder of The Internet Annex. This material was originally part of a separate online portal, but has now been archived here:

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