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Welcome to the web contact and information portal for the software development and multimedia production activities of C.P.Bryan. Since the mid 1990s, Bryan has been exploring the creative possibilities of digital media, software development and Internet connectivity.
Featured Application Service:
The FREESOUNDTRACKMUSIC.COM online library of royalty free music connects video creators to music composers, simplifying the process of finding and licensing background music for film and multimedia productions.

February 2021 News:

February 17, 2021: Ten new tracks have been added to the library by composer Draganov89. This batch of soundtracks range from delicate emotional orchestral pieces to thumping pop disco dance music. Here is a preivew of a dance soundtrack by this artist titled "Trap Hip-Hop":

More new compositions from Draganov89 can be found at the Draganov89 Listing Page.

Other recent additions to the F.S.M. library:

January 20, 2021: Another epic comosition from Australian composer Noisy Oyster: "Light Fantastic" is an inspiring 9 minute rock, funk and electronic piece ranging in moods from energetic to introspective. The track starts with an edgy electric guitar riff which morphs into a funky rhythm groove overlaid with soul vocal segments before mellowing out into a more hypnotic ambient electronic soundscape.

Preview of "Light Fantastic" by Noisy Oyster:

Check out other tracks composed and performed by the same artist @ Noisy Oster Listing Page at

January 8, 2021: New tracks added from artist Xcluciff_Beats: 9 new compositions of the spacey, ambient and atmospheric variety. Alien soundscapes to accompany science fiction, fantasy and abstract animated video productions. The following preview of the soundtrack "Magic Sounds" presents a good example of the typcial Xcluciff audio stylings:

More compositions by Xcluciff_Beats in the ambient electronic style can be found @ HERE.