January 2018

January 11:
Five new compositions were added to the F.S.M Royalty Free Music Library today from regular contributing composer Rick Dickert. Today’s batch of tracks range from the rockin’ grooves of “Rouse” to the quirky and care-free whimsy of “Uke Combo”. Here is a preview of a Latin-inspired number called “Once More”:

With today’s new additions, there are now a total of 240 compositions available for licensing from composer Rick Dickert. Check out his catalog in the Rick Rickert Listings @ F.S.M.

January 6:
Ever since I heard the classical music compositions reinterpreted for the moog synthesizer by Wendy Carlos for the soundtrack of the film “A Clockwork Orange”, I have been fascinated by the sound of classical music played on electronic instruments. Today I am releasing my latest production using this type of music genre, entitled “Classical Techno Box”. This might be described as Steampunk music (if such a thing can be said to exist). It is a very mechanical and programmed reformulation of a composition called “Allemande La Syncope” by composer Francios d`Agincour (1684-1758). For me it brings to mind visions of Victorian automatons and overly complex and antiquated machines. Here is a preview:

I have produced at least a dozen of these classical techno tracks over the years, and most of them can now be found in the Neoclassical Category in Free Soundtrack Music Library.

January 3:
The new year has started out with a bang it seems! All this talk of who’s got the biggest nuclear button got me to thinking about the Wild West movies and a particular type of music genre associated with “Spaghetti Western”. Because it does seem that somehow we have been thrust into a poorly dubbed Italian Western with a dubious script – where the town’s sheriff has gone bonkers, “Little Rocket Man” has straggled into town on an emaciated donkey, and we all await a shootout at high noon… The newest recording for 2018 is called “High Noon For Bonzo”. (“Bonzo” here being a reference to Ronald Reagan, who was U.S. president at a time when widespread fears of an outbreak of nuclear war prompted regular demonstrations and activism). Here is the preview:

To license the full version of this track for video production purposes, check out the music listing page for this recording artist HERE.

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