March 2018 Music

New additions to the Free Soundtrack Music Library for March 2018 include:

March 21, 2018: Five new compositions from regular Free Soundtrack Music Library contributor Rick Dickert. Track titles include: “Tropical Falls”, “Silent Film Piano II ” and “Pipe Organ Coda”. Here is a preview of another soundtrack entitled “Sidestep Trio”, described by the composer as “Laidback improvised traditional jazz piano plays syncopated blues patterns, accompanied by upright bass and drum kit with brushes. Suggested for cocktail lounge ambiance or fine dining scene…”

All of the newest available Rick Dickert tracks can be previewed from the Rick Dickert Track Listing Page @ F.S.M.

A new collaboration from Lowther & Bryan creates a dark electronic soundscape perfect for science fiction and fantasy video productions. A chilling backdrop for scenes of alienation and technology gone wrong, with the title: “Defying The Air”:

Latest full track listing from recording artists Lowther & Bryan HERE.

Another new recording is a bit more mellow and relaxing, featuring some funky bass and smooth ambient keyboard layers with the track title “Mellow Electro Funky”:

To preview previous compositions by the same composer, go to Steve Lowther’s Soundtrack Compositions Page.

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