May 2018 Music

New for May 9: F.S.M contributing composer Fresh_sound has posted 10 new tracks including 2 which are totally free to use in your video productions (the other 8 will require licensing payment). The new batch of production music varies in style and genres from epic cinematic to lighthearted party dance pop. The two music preview selections below are examples from the newly posted recordings:

New Fresh_sound composition #1: “Happy Ukelele and Piano”

New Fresh_sound composition #2: “Chill Hop”

To preview the full list of new compositions from Fresh_sound go to the
Fresh_sound music listing page at freesoundtrackmusic

New music release for May 5, 2018: A dark, foreboding cinematic soundtrack which evokes imagery of stormy seas and the sometimes harsh and unforgiving dangers of the natural world. The track is titled “The Pacific Coast” – composed by Steve Lowther and produced by C.P.Bryan. It is available for royalty free licensing for film and video productions from

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