New Music – November

The following listing is provided as an example of new recordings recently added to the
Free Soundtrack Music Royalty Free Library:

New Release, November 23: “Heliotrope” by Olah:

“Heliotrope” is one of a batch of 5 new compositions added to the F.S.M. royalty free music database. Olah composes in music styles including: “Progressive House”, “Hip Hop”, “Trap” and “Ambient Electronic”. You can preview or license the full listing of Olah’s music HERE.

New Release, November 20: “The End of Slavery” by Joerg Schnitzler:
This track is in the cinematic orchestral style which characterizes Joerg Schnitzler’s compositions. The music suggests themes or narratives that are epic in scope, and would fit nicely into feature-length film soundtracks….

New Release, November 14: “Starchild 2017” by Lowther & Bryan:
Does it seem like an unusually large number of films and television shows today are based on stories of the supernatural or fantasy scenarios set in some far off space and time? And the synthesizer, being an instrument invented relatively recently and requiring electricity to function, seems to supply the soundtrack for most of these otherworldly, futuristic or unnatural scenarios. So here is “Starchild 2017” – a new heavily synthesized ambient soundtrack for contemporary space flights of the imagination…

“Life is a Blur” by Steve Lowther: Rhythmic pulse of accelerated living in the 21st century. Steady clockwork drum machine provides a backdrop for synthetic melodic patterns weaving around programmed avenues and thoroughfares, like the patterns of circuit boards which became race tracks in the movie “Tron”. Everyone complains that the pace of life is getting faster and faster – but at what speed do all the individual details just become a blur?

“The Return of Betamax” by C.P.Bryan: The vast and frightening return of obsolete data and media storage formats which have mutated into monsters… coming to a theater near you! This is an electronic megabeat thumper with sci-fi synthetic swizzles and swooshes… Underground alt-disco dance groove. Inspired (in part) by an episode of “The Mighty Boosh”, the first mix of this series had the title “Betamax Defender and the Vinyl Kid”.

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