New Music – December

December 12: New track by Steve Lowther (produced by C.P.Bryan) paints an audio picture of the ever-changing view from the basket of a hot air balloon. One can imagine the complex scenery: vistas encompassing farms, roads, river valleys and mountains as the steady synthetic rhythms pulsate in the background…

December 5: Another Christmas Track: This new one may not technically be a Christmas composition. It is a reworking of a classical composition by by Thomas Babou – a Belgian composer who lived from 1656 to 1740. I was a big fan of Wendy Carlo’s synthesizer versions of classical music. This new track is the same idea, and after I added some synthetic bells and choral voices, it began to sound a lot like Christmas….

There is actually a whole category of music for the festive season here: Christmas Music.

December 3rd addition from regular F.S.M. contributor Ilya Truhanov: Just in time for your homemade Christmas video greetings… “Jingle Bells Acoustic” – a reworking of the traditional Christmas carol played on the acoustic guitar with bass and seasonal bells. Here is a preview:

The first addition to The F.S.M Royalty Free Library for December 2017 is a new composition by Steve Lowther called “Aerial Survey”. Track description: “A bird`s eye view of the fields and valleys, mountains and cities. This cinematic electronic piece may bring to mind the soundtrack music of Tangerine Dream: a kind of pulsating, evolving, morphing blend of synthetic layers which creates a sense of movement and progression towards the next plot development…”

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