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November 2015 News:
Stargazer Jazz: Electronic Jazz Stylings by Lowther, Bannister and Bryan.
DIGIMATICA founder C.P.Bryan is joined by longtime music collaborator Steve Lowther and jazz trumpet player John Bannister to produce an album of strange and wonderful music from beyond the known galaxies of sound. The style ranges from contemplative ambient atmospheres to thumping frenetic techno dancefloor grooves - all with a special jazz twist! You can preview all 8 tracks from the Stargazer Space Capsule, or buy royalty free licensing credits from the:
Stargazer Jazz Page @

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New Release for August 2015: Weird Vacation Video of Las Vegas

Finally I have got around to editing the footage that I shot in "Sin City" last March. The final product is a YouTube video edited to create a surrealistic or psychedelic viewing experience (which is actually pretty much the actual experience of being in Las Vegas). For the music soundtrack, I have selected three compositions from the royalty free music library at, including (in order of appearance in the video):

  1. "Wish" by John Bannister
  2. "Sumfimfor" by Steve Lowther
  3. "Man From a Different World" by C.P.Bryan