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The Internet Annex was initially launched as the primary online contact point and information source for projects developed and administered by C.P.Bryan and his company "InterAnnex Web Applications". In the years since the intial website launch, the range of activities has expanded from software development to include music/multimedia production and music licensing for film and video projects. As of Spring 2017, this site will serve mainly as the directory listing for a variety of different products, services and active development projects which have their own dedicated web portals...

Free Soundtrack Music News for Spring to Summer of 2017:

August 2017:

The latest video release from C.P.Bryan might be called an abstract impressionist multimedia production. Entitled "Reflexions 2017", it is kind of a sentimental journey through video travelogues from the last 12 months and beyond...

For us residents of British Columbia, Canada, it has been a brutal record-breaking summer of heatwave and raging wildfires. Constant smoke hangs over the most populace city of our province, Vancouver. Inspired by this new reality of climate chaos comes a new composition by regular Free Soundtrack Music contributor Steve Lowther, entitled "Fire in the Skies":

July 2017:

July 29: Recent additions to the soundtrack library include two new ones from Steve Lowther: The first, added on July 29th, is kind of a tribute to synth-pop pioneers "The Silicon Teens", while another new composition, Master of Intrigue, is described as a "...soundtrack for a mystery story about a stranger from an unknown, exotic land. Wind chimes, flute, bells and an array of sparse instrumentation is processed with echo and reverb to create a stark and somewhat ominous audio landscape..." Listing of soundtrack music by Steve Lowther.

July 25: Joerg Schnitzler has uploaded a light-hearted musical theme which brings to mind the kind of cute and whimsical YouTube videos where mischievous pets find themselves in awkward and embarassing situations. It is called "Little Dogs" and is available for royalty free use (without licensing payments required) from Joerg Schnitzler's Music Listing Page @ F.S.M..

July 18: Three new ambient electronic pieces from Vancouver, BC recording artist Stephen Graf: "Slow Fade" is a mellow chill-out groove which should provide a solid atmospheric audio backdrop for a variety of video projects, including documentary, abstract art slideshows, travel brochures, video travelogues, etc... Listing of soundtrack music by Stephen Graf.

July 17: Five new compositions from regular contributing recording artist Rick Dickert, including Foreshadow, described by the composer in the following terms: "Synthesizers, electric pianos, electric guitar and drums combine for a moody arrangement suggested to underscore scenes of mystery, espionage and discovery..." Listing of soundtrack music by Rick Dickert.

July 13: Australian composer Enrico Alatavilla has posted a new piece for free licensing which has a distinctive "historical drama" type of sound. Entitled "Camelot", this composition takes the listener back in time to Ye Olde England - good background music for any number of video production uses. Preview all hist latest production music @ Enrico Altavilla's Listing Page @ F.S.M.

May - June 2017:

June 29: New to the Free Soundtrack Music service: from Germany, soundtrack composer Joerg Schnitzler has contributed 8 original tracks of mostly traditional orchestral cinematic music. Many of the compositions have a powerful, epic feel and will make for great background music for action, suspense and thrilling video or film productions.

June 11: Two new acoustic-guitar based recordings, "Don't Say Goodbye" and "Sunny Day is Funny Day". The first has a "a kind of melancholy, nostalgic but warm and smooth emotional tone", while "Sunny Day" is as bright, positive and uplifing as the name suggests. Preview the new tracks from his listing page @ F.S.M: Royalty Free Music by Ilya Truhanov.

April 2017:

April 19: Two new recordings from Electronic Jazz ensemble Stargazer Jazz: "The Little Prometheus" and "Bleak House of Funk" have just been released. Visitors to can listen to previews or club members members can hear the full length versions HERE.

April 6: From Rome, Italy, music producer Francis V has a track listing page at His music composition style ranges from mellow ambient electronica to Spaghetti Western soundtracks. To preview and/or license his music for royalty free use in your own video productions, go to his track listing page HERE.

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Exploring Democracy Without Parties
New for June 2017:

Exploring Alternatives To Political Parties:

This summer we have seen the swearing in of a new government in British Columbia. One of the major planks in their platform during the election campaign was a promise to re-initiate the debate on changing the electoral system. "Proportional Representation" is touted as a more democratic system than "First Past The Post", but would suggest that some ridings will end up with representatives who did not get the most local votes. It seems to me that the main problem is the political parties themselves, and if each elected representative would simply take instruction from their constituents (instead of their party), there would be no need for a new electoral system. Read more in the Party Wreckers ZONE

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