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This is the online portal for information exchange related to the music production activities of programmer / music producer C.P.Bryan. Most of Bryan's musical activities are currently directed towards producing soundtrack music for the Free Soundtrack Music royalty free stock production music service. Custom music composition, engineering and production services are also available. If you are producing a video or film and are looking for original music for your soundtrack, contact

Music composition, engineering and production examples by C.P.Bryan:

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C.P.Bryan has been recording and releasing electronic soundscapes, dance grooves and audio collages since the late 1990's using a variety of artist names (including "Glitch", "Space Experiments" and "Protoflake" to name a few). He began his involvement with online music distribution systems as the artist formerly known as "Protoflake" on For those who are too young to remember what the internet was like back in the late 1990s, was perhaps THE first implementation of a self-publishing music community. As of March 2018, most of the catalog of tracks released by C.P.Bryan from that early period of the internet have been added to the library.

Examples of Music Produced by C.P.Bryan:
C.P.Bryan composes and produces music in a wide variety of styles and genres. The following examples are previews of tracks which have been popular downloads on the F.S.M. Royalty Free Music service and have been used in a number of video productions since their initial release...
Travels on the Abstract Plane1 credit 5:17
Travels on the Abstract Plane
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Synthetic film soundtrack music following the formula set out by progressive electronic artists like Tangerine Dream: arpeggiated bassline, simple techno drum machine rhythm and lush swooshy chords phasing in and out.... Search for similar music: electronica, sci-fi, dancefloor
Headspace Commander 1 credit 2:45
Headspace Commander
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This Ambient Dub adventure fuses orchestral and synthethic elements into a slowly evolving atmospheric melange. Processed hip-hop beat and random drum fills round out the mix to supply a broader dynamic range for different video productions which could include: mystery, fantasy, sci-fi, espionage or science documentaries... Search for similar music: neoclassical, orchestral, electronica, sci-fi, dreamy
Jazz-Dub Detective1 credit2:33
Jazz-Dub Detective
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Soundtrack theme for a gumshoe detective movie set in the 25th century? Bladerunner but where all the cops are beatnick hipsters? This composition is a mashup of jazzy piano riffs, upright bass drumloops and a topping of lush ambient atmospheric layers. Search for similar music: jazzy, intrigue, adventure, detective

As of March 2018, there are over 300 compositions by C.P.Bryan in the production music library at, plus another 200 that are collaborations with other composers and recording artists. To check out more previews or to register for licensing music for your own video productions, go to the FREE SOUNDTRACK MUSIC HOME PAGE.

C.P.Bryan is available to compose new music for a specific video or film project. There are also a range of other music production services you may be interested in, including audio editing, multitrack mixing and mastering of previously recorded materials. For a more detailed listing of available music and sound production services available, go to

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