Music Production and Engineering Services by C.P.Bryan

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Digital sound engineering and music production services by electronic music composer/producer C.P.Bryan are available to musicians in British Columbia Canada. Projects further afield either within or outside of the country may also be accommodated (depending on the parameters and budget of the project).

New Video released February 25, 2017:

This new video gives some insight into the soundtrack music production methods employed by C.P.Bryan's "RETRO RECORDING STUDIO". One of the computer music workstation is built around Yamaha's DSP2416, which was a sound card released in 1998 meant to reproduce the capabilities of the "02R" digital mixer. In the video, you will see how the capabilities of this audio engineering equipment were utilized to record and mix the latest music from C.P.Bryan, entitiled "The Modern Prometheus":

Credentials, and music production experience of C.P.Bryan include:

* Honors diploma in music engineering from The Audio Institute of America (San Francisco U.S.A)
* 20 years experience with MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) workstations
* 3+ years as an onsite technician for IBM Canada deploying and maintaining networked computer systems

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April 2013 News: Release of "Expansion Module" album by MINTSAUCE - Produced by C.P.Bryan

These recordings are available for use in your own film, video or multimedia productions: you can quickly and easily purchase synchronization licenses for royalty free from this link: License MINTSAUCE @

Listen to previews of tracks from the "Expansion Module" album:

Track #Track NamePreview
01Trip Forever (Lowther,Bryan)preview
02Op-Erratic DUB (Lowther,Bryan)preview
03Chips and Curry Sauce (Lowther,Bryan)preview
04We Are Being Pixelated! (Bryan)preview
05Corner of Nothing (Bryan)preview
06Breaking For Donuts (Lowther,Bryan)preview
07Tea With The Pixies (Lowther,Bryan)preview
08Ice Queen Sandwich (Bryan)preview
09Flowers of Krypton (Bryan)preview
10Quest For Pleasantness (Bryan)preview

Listen to more examples of music produced by C.P.Bryan

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