PARTYWRECKERS is a simple yet powerful concept that could help remedy the dysfunctional state of political life in today's "democratic" nations: ELECTED POLITICIANS MUST REPRESENT THEIR CONSTITUENTS FIRST, NOT THEIR PARTIES! We ("The People") are beginning to wise up: We can now see how political parties have evolved into self-serving "gangs" that will sacrifice national interests in order to advance their own power hungry agendas. The solution: FORCE political representatives to break the mind-lock imposed by their parties and do the job they were elected to do: REPRESENT THEIR CONSTITUENTS!

What is the role of a politician in a representative democracy?
Theoretically, a candidate on the campaign trail is auditioning to be your advocate: your voice and defender of your rights in whatever legislative assembly he or she will be elected to. But we know that elected representatives never make any real effort to find out where their constituents stand on issues before voting in the legislature. According to the conventions of party discipline (enforced by "whips") they must vote only according to party policy. How can we change this obviously undemocratic status quo and get politicians to actually start representing the voters who elect them?

The Party Wreckers System is a proposed new networking application which will connect elected representatives with their constituents to ensure that politicians work for citizens instead of parties. The technological innovations which brought us social networking could finally provide the means for representative democracy to work the way it was intended to! To find out more, check out the "Democracy Sucks!" Manifesto , the System Design Workgroup Page OR watch the "Executive Summary" video:

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