Who is behind all of this "Party Wreckers" stuff?

In the words of Iggy Pop: "I'm bored. I'm Chairman of the Bored". I'm bored with listening to politicians brag about how our society is such a shining example of Democracy in action when it seems more like the whole show is run by an elite group of insiders supporting the interests of global corporations. I'm bored with my own apathy, or whatever invisible force it is that prevents me from speaking out or "calling bullshit" on the whole sick system. Photo of Democracy Sucks Author I can only conclude that I have fallen victim to the Magic of Hollywood whereby footage of demonstrations, marches and "occupations" are repackaged and redefined as the misguided shenanigans of a spoiled and lazy youth culture. The voices of opposition are drowned amidst a sea of advertising messages from big money special interest groups.

Well, obviously, things have finally reached that critical tipping point for me and the PartyWreckers project proposal is the result. I believe that there has to be a way for participatory democracy to work without having to wait years or generations for democratic reforms to work their way through the legislature(s). So I have drawn on my experience as a systems designer to approach the problem as a system design challenge: Following the established "Systems Analysis and Design" methodology, the first phase of this project was to define the problem: The first five chapters of "Democracy Sucks!" are devoted to a description of why the current political status quo falls far short of anything approaching participatory democracy (or even true representative democracy). The second part of the manifesto will propose a solution which uses some of the same technical innovations found in social networking platforms to create a new type of relationship between voting citizens and the politicians who are supposed to represent them.
Developer Profile
This section will focus mainly on educational and professional experience that relates best to this project proposal. (For those interested in more in-depth personal biographical information and less relevant software development projects, check the links in the right-hand column).

After completing a B.A. (in Social Sciences) from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, (Political Theory, Metaphysics, Sociology, Mass Communications, Psychology), I returned to college for another 3 years to focus on more technical and applied studies (Database Design, Systems Analysis and Design, Auditing, Economics, Accounting). Since 2000, I have been mainly involved with designing and developing network-based groupware applications. While working for one multinational corporation, I helped document the requirements and procedures of the IT department towards ISO (International Standards Organisation) certification. While working for a different corporation, I helped design and develop a highly secure, multi-user project management / data collection / document storage platform.

Personal Notes:
I initially became interested in computer programming because I wanted to develop applications to support my creative interests. In the late 90's I released a shareware word processing application for creative writers called Cut'n'Mix. In 2008, I launched an online service for film and video producers which provides functions for: search, preview, download and license purchase of royalty free music. This site continues to grow, both in terms of the size of the music library and number of subscribers. Check it out here: freesoundtrackmusic.com.

Contact Info: Visitors to this site are welcome to send feedback, suggestions or inquiries to me using the following email address: colin@interannex.com. (Party Wreckers is a project proposal by C.P.Bryan for The Internet Annex).