The main objective in creating this website is to add my voice to the growing chorus who believe that the biggest obstruction to Democracy that we face today is the political party system. I felt I really needed overcome the forces of APATHY and at least get my own point of view "out there". Whether or not I am ultimately judged to be a hopelessly naive dreamer is irrelevant... So far, there are two main projects underway to help solidify the concept: The PRODEMOCRACY System and the Democracy Sucks! manifesto. I have also tried a crowd-funding project, but discovered that those sites offer little in the way of free publicity: without first establishing a base of support, there is little chance of achieving a successful campaign... So for now I am just putting the Party Wreckers concept "out there" and fishing for any feedback or suggestions that might help translate the idea into some real world application. (Or at least spark some debate and discussion.) Contact Info: Visitors to this site are welcome to send feedback, suggestions or inquiries to me using the following email address: (Party Wreckers is a project proposal by C.P.Bryan for The Internet Annex).