While the "Party Wreckers" methodology should apply equally to all modern democracies which find themselves dominated by the political party system, there is a special need to inject some new force for change into the political mix before the upcoming 2015 Canadian federal election. What we have now is a paradoxical situation where a political party who garnered less than 40% of the popular vote in the last election has near absolute control of all legislative and executive decision making in the country. It may seem like an advantage to have more than two viable political parties to choose from in an election: What can possibly be wrong with more options to choose from...right? The problem is that our "first-past-the-post" system - when combined with a situation where you have four or five parties running - allows for a situation where parties who win only a minority of votes can form majority governments. Given that there seems to be little support for electoral reform ("proportional representation" being the most well known proposal), the only viable solution is to somehow to interrupt party domination of the elections process.

2015 Federal Election:
Ideally, the P.R.C System will be adopted by at least some of the candidates going into the next federal election. The concept may still be new, but if we can get enough people to support the cause, we may begin to see the a shift in the political landscape to a system where elected representatives begin to listen to their constituents again, instead of only taking direct orders from the political party they belong to.