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One of my university English professors would always remind us before an assignment was due: "Remember to get someone else to proof-read your essay before you hand it in!" Even the best professional writers rely on editors to catch grammatical errors and help identify sentences which are awkward or difficult to understand.

Grammar seems to be one of those subjects (like math) that people tend to forget about as soon as they leave school. "Prepositions", "particles", "adjectives", "conjunctions" - these are the building blocks of writing but few remember what they are or how to use them. In the age of the internet, everyone is texting and posting written "content" on web pages and social media, but there is mounting evidence that language use skills are actually deteriorating.

I have been publishing websites for over twenty years now and have received many hundreds of solicitations from "SEO experts" claiming that with their help, my site can be boosted to the top ranking page on Google. More often than not, these "experts" seem to write at a junior high school level (or worse). The web crawlers or "bots" which determine page ranking may not care about whether or not text content actually makes sense, but shouldn't real humans be able to understand what they are reading online?

Bad grammar - isn't there an "app for that"?
While there are available automated tools that go beyond spell checking to identify some grammatical errors (Grammarly and Grammarix being two of the most common) these apps can only identify problems: they will not automatically rewrite your text in a way that makes sense to human readers.

Humans are still better at writing!
Artificial Intelligence may now be able to defeat grandmasters at chess, but no application or bot can write better text than a living, breathing, human being with good reading comprehension skills. Why not have me proof-read your text? If you are an individual or small company without ready access to an experienced writer who can proof-read your text content before (or after) you publish it, email me at