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Welcome to The Internet Annex! Since 2008, has been the web home of C.P.Bryan's application development and music production activities...

Music Production Services: Digital sound engineering and music production services by electronic music composer/producer C.P.Bryan are available to musicians in British Columbia, Canada. Projects further afield either within or outside of the country may also be accommodated (depending on the parameters and budget of the project).

New for Summer 2018: C.P.Bryan is offering a new service for web developers who do not need assistance with coding, artwork or layout, but might need some help with writing the text content of the site. It may not always be possible to get a qualified writer to proof-read or edit your writing: now you can get proof-reading services from The Internet Annex.

Services, Application Prototypes and Proposals:

Free Soundtrack Music Royalty Free Music

Featured Application Service: "Free Soundtrack Music": The F.S.M. audio file database and synchronization license purchase system is a custom application developed and administered by InterAnnex Web Applications. The system provides functions for video or film producers to search, preview ("audition"), download and automatically obtain authorization ("clearance") for use of royalty free music in their productions. As of August 2018 the library contains over 1,500 compositions by 17 different recording artists from around the world.

Recent additions to the F.S.M Royalty Free Music library for Summer 2018:

Track Name/LengthUsage StatusDate Added
The Funfair / 2:331 credit24-Jul-18
The Funfair
Not available
to guest users
Agressive, rock and high energy music: This track developed after messing around with weird sped-up loops and recordings, ended up being a quirky rhythmic track that made me think of a spooky funfair setting. Enjoy! Composed by Daniel Brown. Search for similar music: whimsical, experimental, kidshow, cartoon, alternative, electronica, weirdo, excitement, upbeat
Wandering Mind / 2:591 credit12-Jul-18
Wandering Mind
Not available
to guest users
Solitude, emptiness and despair music: A moody, experimental composition built on improvisational jamming sessions - a throwback to a time when human behavior was not determined by AI "apps". Gives a sense of melancholic reverie, regret - tinged perhaps with a realization that a Faustian bargain was struck - but with who and on what terms? Composed by Lowther & Bryan. Search for similar music: experimental, alternative, weirdo, atmospheres, mellow, lounge, ambient, electronica

To test the live implementation of this system, which has been an active online commercial service since 2008, go to:

The Cut'n'Mix Post-Modern Word Processor (inactive since 2012)

Cut'n'Mix Word Processor
Featured Application: Cut'n'Mix is a unique word processing application which helps creative writers generate new ideas through the use of different methods of text randomization and manipulation. Cut'n'Mix expands the standard palette of word processing tools with functions like: automated multi-source text mixing, random reordering of words, visual "fridge magnet poetry" editing and automatic random word fills. The intention was to create the same kind of look-and-feel you might find in a 4-track audio cassette recorder but with the capability to mix text instead of sound. Subsequent versions added word shredding and combining, morphing, swapping, random word fill, web page fill and a "custom wordbook" function to allow users to store their own word databases. The most recent version (5.4) adds a new section called "ROBOPOEM" which uses poetry-generating algorithms to rearrange user text into robotic poetry.

To find out about other applications and project proposals by C.P.Bryan, check out the Creative Ideas Page.

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