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The "Retro Recording Studio" series of YouTube videos is meant to be a kind of museum of antiquated computer-based music workstations. (When I say antiquated I mean more that 15 years old - which in computer technology terms is like a few generations.) The audio engineering workstaions featured are still actively used by C.P.Bryan in the process of producing tracks to be released into the freesoundtrackmusic royalty free music library.

The first installment of this video series showcases a comuter-based music production workstation built around the Yamaha DSP 2416 sound card, which has all the power and capabilities of The 02R digital mixer:

This second installment in the "RETRO RECORDING STUDIO" series invites the viewer to travel back to a time when you could only record two tracks of audio on a computer. The solution at the time was to use a "MIDI sync box" - which allowed you to sync up your sequencing/recording software with an external tape recorder. The tape recorder featured in this video is the Yamaha MT3X - which provided a 6-channel mixer, 4-track recording and 2 effects sends with stereo returns. The other major component in this audio engineering workstation is the "DIGIDESIGN Sample Cell 2". Released in 1994, this sampling card provided users with the ability to create their own sample-based music instruments:

The soundtrack music featured in this video can be found in the electronica and experimental categories of the royalty free music library.

"The Magic of ROBOCOLLAGE" video explains how InterAnnex's ROBOCOLLAGE application can help users create automatic collages of text and digital images. This Windows application is free for personal use. More information about ROBOCOLLAGE can be found HERE. The video features background music from an artist featured @ Steve Lowther.

This video details the progressive stages of completion during artist C.P.Bryan's work on his painting "Driving To Abstraction". This type of painting is a mashup of sometimes contradictory and non-complementary paint layers. In keeping with that theme, the video of this process is also a combination of layers, giving movement to what otherwise would have been static frames along the way. The background music is a recording entitled "What Lurks Beneath", and is a collaboration by C.P.Bryan and Steve Lowther. More music compositions by C.P.Bryan are available HERE.

A Word on the Internet Annex Video Promotions Page...
Churn out the CONTENT! In a world where all cultural output - whether it be in the form of text, audio or video - is now so easily created, packaged and distributed as DIGITAL CONTENT... In this new world where every individual has the power to be a "published" writer or record or video producer... what is the role of advertising? Is the value of advertising strengthened or diminished by a population armed with powerful digital media workstations? I would suggest that marketing and promotion may be more important than ever. Despite the daily examples of the boy or girl next door garnering millions of views with their "viral videos" on YouTube, I believe that the Barons (or Czars?) of the communications/entertainment industries wield more power than ever before. (How else do you explain a phenomenon like The Kardashians?) Because for every waterskiing chipmunk or skateboarding dog that goes viral, thousands or tens of thousands of videos languish in obscurity. Alas, that has generally been the fate of my humble little videos. But for those brave souls who find themselves in these online backwaters, let me invite you on my own particular journey of video weirdness. In the words of Hunter S. Thompson: "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro". On with the WEIRDNESS!

And now...lets get on with the shameless self promotion:

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Detail of an automatic collage
Detail of an automatic collage generated by the ROBOCOLLAGE application for automatic text and image mashups.